Investment Focus

Glengary concentrates on investments in:

• Healthcare Products and Services
• Information Technologies
• Applied Technologies
• Business Services

We are a “go-to” investor in early stage companies developing healthcare products and services. Our understanding of how to synchronize critical regulatory pathways and milestones with funding plans (including non-dilutive capital) is valued by companies in our region of investment focus. This experience is derived from collaborations in support of technologies developed at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Case Western Reserve University, University Hospitals, and others.


"Glengary ... was founded on the premise that most early-stage companies require experienced leadership more than money"

Companies offering information technology-based value propositions and in need of investment are of interest to Glengary. We have considerable knowledge on how to create technology companies and grow these into sustainable participants in their space. We have created unique information technology companies in partnership with entities like Jergens, Bellefaire House, and many of the

incubators and economic development agencies in the State of Ohio.

Applied Technology and Business Services companies are highly dependent upon the ability to secure intellectual property protection. Glengary’s Service Partner, Fay Sharpe, provides our Client Companies expert advice and counsel when patent and trademark protections are necessary. In addition, Glengary’s ability to identify and assist with early adopters of products and services provides an important first-mover advantage so our Client Companies can penetrate existing markets; a critical component to our involvement.

Consistent with our investment focus, Glengary targets investments from $100,000 to $1,500,000. For larger investments, Glengary leads syndications of these transactions with other select venture capital investors.