Thomas M. Barrett

Operating Partner

Mr. Barrett is the Executive Director of Before joining the team, Mr. Barrett held the position of Director of Global Services for Kennametal Inc. and was responsible for Kennametal’s $100M Global Services Business, which included process optimization, supply chain services, reconditioning, recycling, education and comprehensive services in 60 countries.

Prior to joining Kennametal, Mr. Barrett was the founder and CEO of Outselling, Ltd., based in Cleveland, Ohio, providing sales leadership and revenue services to start-up companies as well as sales assessments for venture capitalists in their due diligence process. As a Partner with Glengary, he led the sales and marketing teams at investment companies like Tooling University.

Prior to founding Outselling, Mr. Barrett was the Vice President of North American Sales for OmniTrust Security Systems, Inc., a global software company based in California that provides encryption and post-delivery content protection of documents and email. In 1999, Mr. Barrett started the North American Sales organization for iPass, a leading global remote access provider, which grew from inception to $100 million in sales during his tenure. In July of 2003, iPass completed one of the most successful IPOs of the year. Before iPass, Mr. Barrett was a senior strategic account manager at CompuServe Network Services and was part of CompuServe's IPO and future sale to UUNet/WorldCom. He started his career in the telecommunications industry as a senior account executive for Ameritech and Cable & Wireless.

Mr. Barrett has been an active contributor to the Cleveland community and is very active in fundraising events for local schools and churches. He has been active with St. Ignatius High School, the Great Lakes Science Center, Catholic Charities, Parmadale Children's Home and the Ohio Venture Association. Mr. Barrett earned a B.A. in Organizational Communications from the University of Kansas.