Baldwin-Wallace College

Division of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Center

Baldwin-Wallace College was founded by an entrepreneur who created wealth through the operation of a stone quarry that exported product around the world. James Baldwin acquired wealth through global strategies and the hard work of immigrants, whom he felt obligated to educate in the practical means to make a living, while understanding the importance of citizenship. These values remain the guiding principles of Baldwin-Wallace's Entrepreneurship Center.

Baldwin-Wallace infuses the entrepreneurial perspective throughout its curriculum and experiential education. Students from all disciplines have the opportunity to assist entrepreneurs in the development and review of business plans, conduct research for growing businesses, or provide technology support to entrepreneurs creating their business systems.

Baldwin-Wallace's professors understand and appreciate the value of theory and research, but balance that with real-world experience to help students immediately apply what they learn. The relationship with Glengary provides students with the experience of seeing firsthand what it takes to start and grow a new venture. This knowledge empowers them to build stronger companies and communities in Northeast Ohio.

Baldwin-Wallace faculty members range from experienced professors who have earned academic and teaching credentials from prestigious institutions to senior business professionals and government leaders. Their combined expertise provides an educational foundation for students that is rich in theory and contemporary in application.