Frequently Asked Questions

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To date, why hasn't there been much public information about Glengary and its approach to partnering with businesses?
What does Glengary do?
What makes Glengary unique?
Glengary previously had the name "Ventures" in its name. Why was the name changed to eliminate the word "Ventures?"
Glengary calls the companies in which it is involved "Client Companies," Why?
Will Glengary help my company without making a cash investment?
Will Glengary make a cash investment in a client company without being actively involved from a time standpoint?
What is Glengary's decision process relative to getting involved with its client companies?
What does Glengary look for in a client company?
Does Glengary work with venture capital firms?
Is a Glengary Client Company obligated to select from Glengary's Service Partners when in need of such services?
How do I contact you and what type of information do you need to make a decision about my company?
How much does Glengary typically invest in a company?