Expertise & Experience

Growing fast, reducing risk and improving capital efficiency are goals of most early stage companies. These are also why Glengary offers its Client Companies a unique combination of cash, industry expertise and experience when helping to maximize opportunities and minimize conflicts inherent with growth.

Early on, we work with entrepreneurs to develop business and financial plans focused on achieving milestones critical to raising additional funding. Our experiences supporting early-stage companies allow us to be highly constructive when:

 Optimizing the use of limited resources; helping determine where, how and when funds can be best spent
 Attracting, interviewing and adding new management team members and other critical staff
 Identifying and recruiting early-adopters for products and services
 Identifying and qualifying appropriate third-party services and strategic partners
 Contributing to future fundraising activities and any related changes to capital structures




Glengary’s involvement with early-stage companies is proven to enhance credibility, reduce distractions to management and create momentum, as well as increase valuations and opportunities for success in any subsequent fundraising rounds.

Our Staged Investment Approach

Glengary’s initial investment in a Client Company is typically made after its product or service has been validated in the market. We then work with its leadership to achieve mutually-defined milestones before participating in follow-on rounds of financing, frequently at a size that is a multiple of our initial investment. This enables our Client Companies to have a common funding partner that participates in early (often angel) rounds of funding and again in later (institutional) rounds.
We are prepared to lend value at all levels of an organization, from day-to-day operations, technology development, sales and marketing, strategy and with additional fundraising. By taking an active and committed investment posture, Glengary’s long-term interests are aligned with its Client Companies and, thus, we share the goal of increasing enterprise value.