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Monarch Teaching - Visual learning in Autism


Advance Magazine, a professional journal for Speech Language Pathologists, recently ran an article featuring an interview with several of The Monarch Center for Autism’s SLPs about their use of technology and visuals in the classroom. 

Visual supports take advantage of the generally stronger visual processing capabilities of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

 The Visual Language Program is the core of the teaching model at the Monarch Center for Autism, in Cleveland, OH, permeating every aspect of a student's day. Visuals are everywhere for organization, such as schedules, timers and token boards; instruction, including visually rich stories for social learning or visually supported learning games; and expression, such as topic boards and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices.

The technology used in the Visual Language Program goes beyond adaptive technologies like AAC devices that are commonly associated with ASD therapy. "Without technologies that help us create, organize, and effectively present visuals, we couldn't be nearly as effective in meeting the goals of our students and the needs of our staff," said Jeff Richards, director of Multimedia Resources at Monarch

For more information the complete article can be read at Advanceweb.