Founding Partners

Stephen R. Haynes

Chairman, Founding and Managing Partner

Randall S. Myeroff

Founding Partner and Director

Gary A. Oatey

Founding Partner

Albert B. Ratner

Founding Partner and Director

Thomas C. Sullivan

Founding Partner and Chairman

Thomas N. Tyrrell

Senior Advisory Partner, Co-Founder and Director


Glengary's Founding Partners are made up of highly successful, well-known executives, who have spent a great part of their careers engaged in working to make the Northeast Ohio region and Greater Cleveland, in particular, a better community in which to live and work. While each Founding Partner is committed to maximizing investor returns, Glengary's unique hands-on approach in helping to bridge the gap between angel investors and typical early-stage investment funds is the reason these partners are participating in the fund. Glengary's Founding Partners mantra, to "do well, while doing good," indicates that Glengary intends to generate superior returns to its investors while creating economic and community value for Northeast Ohio.