Service Partners

Service Partners are available to Glengary to perform client company due diligence, review client company data and assist client companies and/or Operating Partners by delivering specifically required services, including legal, accounting, marketing, etc.


Our Service Partners and their respective individual representatives have a solid entrepreneurial focus and are:

  • Team-oriented, embodying a participative style; willing to take time to advise and educate entrepreneurs (including how to utilize professional services effectively and efficiently),
  • Seeking participation in an enterprise that combines an economic and community value creation process, benefiting the Greater Cleveland and Northeast Ohio regions,
  • Capable and willing to invest capital in Glengary; willing to invest time and resources in Glengary (and Glengary client companies) for the specific purpose of increasing the value of Glengary's investment in its client companies,
  • Able and willing to introduce Glengary to prospective investors, Operating Partners and client companies,
  • Able to volunteer a senior partner (member) of the firm to participate in Glengary' board meetings,
  • Committed to identify a firm "point person" to attend Glengary Operating Partner's meetings and attend, as a guest, Glengary board meetings, when and if needed,
  • Available to commit time (as needed) to review investment opportunities, meet with the management teams of prospective client companies and potentially become engaged with one or more client companies,
  • Willing to be compensated partially with equity in Glengary in lieu of significant or consistent current fees, and
  • A significant firm presence and commitment to Northeast Ohio.